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You are amazing lawyer

You are amazing lawyer. You dealt with me as a best friend. Thank you for dealing my case as your own. Thanks and God Bless.

Mandeep Bedi

Cell# 6478801497

I am pleased.

I can never in my lifetime see a more honest Lawyer than Dr. Saroha. He is one Lawyer who works for his clients

Mohinder Pal Gill

President, 2120974 Ontario Inc Cell# 6472273132

I am grateful to you

I can’t thank you enough for all the great work that you have done in helping me to go through this case and negotiating the best deal for me.

Yahya Al-arabi

Realtor Cell# 647 501 8241

Amazing Services

I could never expect what he settled my claim for. In appreciation, I paid him an extra $1,000 from my share of settlement funds in prize.

Beulah Mckenzie

From Mississauga

Most Fair Services

Dr. Ajit Saroha is the most fair person I have ever met. He settled my claim beyond what I ever dreamt of and I gave him a tight hug for all that he had done for me in the trying time. He is a gem. I was referred to him by my friend and now I will refer all my friends to him.

Enid Marshall

From Toronto

Approachable and Nice

Dr. Saroha is approachable and nice to deal with. I refer all my friends to him.

Errol Hylton

From Mississauga

A Life saver

My store had a massive fire loss. The Insurance company paid some portion of the loss and declined to pay anything more. Dr. Saroha took up my case and got me the much required funds that again put my business up and running.

Jarnail Singh

From Mississauga

Very kind person

Ajit Saroha is a very kind person, I never expected that I will get the amount of settlement that he got for me.

D. Patel

From Toronto

Very helpful services

Dr. Ajit is very helpful and well aware of his work. He is a very good and knowledgeable Lawyer who is fit for you. Easy to deal with.

Ms. Janet Newell

From Toronto

Very hard worker

Thank You so much for your hard work & patience, you helped me recover from my loss. You took your time and efforts to win my claim. You went above & beyond for this settlement. Thank you again and your hard work is truly appreciated. I will definitely recommend and refer you to all my friends.

Mahesh Premsukh

From Toronto

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